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With Chris Jamaica Tours

Personal+ Group  Guided Tours 

Please choose your location of pick up to Get the best options for your Daily Tours. 

About Christopher Linton 

 My name is Christopher Linton. I grew up in a little district in the mountains called Browns Town which isabout 45 minutes from the city of Ocho Rios. There I went to primary, high school and community college. After a leaving community college I spent the next thirteen years working in banking in the city of Ocho Rios one of the most popular tourist resort areas on the island. While at the bank I attended multiple courses in customer service and honed my people skills, but as time went by I decided I had enough of the corporate world and wanted to do something more with my life. Something that would make me happy in life. So being a people person, trained and skilled in the customer service field I decided to pursue what I enjoy doing best, serving the tourism industry. Thus my decision to become a Tour Guide.


I’ve been in the tourism business for almost 5 years now. I’ve met and become friends with a lot of tourists from Canada, USA, Europe and all around the world.


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